H.van Geenen @, Holland, Saturday, 30.04.2005, 01:10 (vor 5986 Tagen) @ swx9280 Views

hat jemand Erfahrung mit ONA Wasserbadmaschinen de KE Baureihe???:

Yes I do.
Cutting speed good. Better than Charemill
Finshing surface in carbide 0.2 RA hight 200 mm.
You have to now how the setting of the parameters works.
Radius compansaties works verry well.So sharpe corners is no problem.
Cutting maximum radius 0.001mm nobody belive that but Its posseble I have to make it.
Automatic wire injection works exelent, 100 time injection,1 mistike not bad for a shape machine.
80 hour cutting without errors over the weekend.
Filtering system works excelent.

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